Interview with the influencer marketing experts Lisa & Jana

Lisa Sonesson and Jana Lukaszewitz, co-founders of Casablnca (a CRM system for influencer marketing), have a past from successful companies such as Daniel Wellington and Ivyrevel. Nowadays they educate their customers on how to perform influencer marketing at scale. We got to chat with them over a coffee!

Hey Lisa & Jana! How did you guys meet?

We met when we both started working at Ivyrevel 2,5 years ago, but we didn’t really talk to each other during the first months since Jana is from Germany and didn’t speak Swedish back then :P

Tell me - how did you come up with the idea of Casablnca?

After working a year together, kick-starting an Influencer Marketing department from scratch, we found ourselves in total data overload. We had so much data, amazing data, but no great way to handle it. We were in need of a structure or system that would help us make the most out of our data and get smarter. During this time, a lot of other companies contacted us and wanted to sell us their services regarding Influencer Marketing. In these meetings, we realized we knew shit loads about Influencer Marketing. And the thought hit us - maybe WE could build the tool that we needed? That’s how we came up with the idea of Casablnca.

Why are you guys so excited about influencer marketing?

Haha! Well, when you think about it in relation to classic marketing it’s really interesting in how fast, available and relatable it is. In that aspect, it’s also highly interesting to see what kind of brands, campaigns, and influencers that are successful. Further influencer marketing really globalizes consumption - you’re exposed to so many new companies, hotels, locations and events, and all this in your phone (or laptop). Last but not least, we’re excited because it pushes new types of role models.

What are the three main success factors within influencer marketing?

Communication, communication and data driven decisions.

What platforms, tools, or best practices would you recommend for an influencer marketer?

Casablnca, of course ;) Let’s be honest - an affiliate system or Google docs is just not enough when you want to grow.

How do you think influencer marketing will develop in 2019?

With influencer marketing booming and having such an explosive development, we think that there will be a request of high authenticity. What influencers push must be relatable to that specific Influencer, and how they push it must be authentic. Further, we think that the relationship and communication between the company and Influencer will be more important – everything to establish authenticity. Last but not least, influencer marketing will keep on growing in 2019 – Influencers are just getting started!

And finally - what can we expect from Casablnca in 2019?

We will continue to develop the best influencer marketing CRM system available, make a new market entry, and get married (KIDDING). But yeah - great things are coming so stay tuned ;)